Reggie Watts, beatboxing legend

Reggie Watts has just finished his show at the Soho Theatre in London, where he wowed the crowd with his inimitable blend of comedy, beat box and dance. The upbeat, often hilarious show includes songs, poetry, theatre and lots of laughs as well as a crash course in the technical lingo surrounding him on stage.

As well as one of the finest afros in the business, Reggie is well known for having a vocal range of ten octaves, (for anyone who doesn’t know what an octave is, well, let it be known that ten is like, off the charts.) His imagination, creativity, obvious charm and super sense of humour make Reggie Watts unmissable. If you missed him, you might have to venture all the way to the U.S of A. to catch him - though if that’s too pricey keep an eye on his website as well as on listings. A night with Reggie will change your ideas about music forever.

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