You’d think being the leader of the greatest and most influential band of all time would be enough to settle anyone’s nerves when it came to playing live but oh no, even Sir Paul McCartney has admitted he often suffers pre gig jitters.

The living legend is set to headline the Isle Of Wight festival and Hard Rock Calling in London in June and, to help sell a few more tickets (like they need to) he was on Absolute Radio explaining that he’s human - well almost human: ‘I'll tell you what does get me nervous, when you're playing to small groups of people. If it's at all kind of corporate - so in other words, charity dos - you don't know who you've got in the audience. It can be people who really don't like rock and roll, and you're sitting there going 'Yeah, we're going to have a great time tonight' and they're just chatting to each other'.

In the interview the big Macca also said he’s getting excited by the upcoming General Election and has even on occasion popped into the House Of Commons to watch the off live debate between MPs - incognito of course, he was in The Beatles.

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