All female three-piece Boat Beam exploded on to the Madrid scene with their debut album Puzzle Shapes in 2009. Now no longer an unknown quantity, the group is breathing new life with new album, Reincarnation.

There’s less that’s as instantly appealing on this follow up album, although the song-writing savvy of Josephine Ayling is still in evidence. Instead, these densely packed melodic structures gradually seep into your consciousness, leaving a more lasting impression. ‘I caress your sleep cocoon’, croons Ayling on sprightly opener Sabio, before the chorus soars with a burst of electric guitar. Next up is the impressive Sirens, combining foreboding lyrics (‘Sirens and lullabies, the violence of driftwood’) with majestic strings – a sure high point of the album.

Despite the band boasting a full-time drummer now, there’s little to get your shuffle on to – but then that’s not the point. The strong melodies, taut structures and tart observations by the lyrically arch Ayling, are guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

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