Paul McCartney. Mick Jagger. Dave Lee Roth. Debbie Harry. Jon Bon Jovi. Julian Casablancas.

Rock history is littered with the legends of singers who've stepped out into the spotlight with solo records.

Now that illustrious clan can welcome a new member: Paul Smith.

'What? Who?' I hear you cry. 'The fashion designer?' Well, no. This Mr. Smith is the lead singer of irritating-but-catchy britpop band Maximo Park. The album is to be called 'Margins,' according to the NME, and is to be released on Smith's own label, Billingham Records (this either means that Smith is an ultra-modern 21st Century media visionary, or just that the band's record company wasn't interested).

But: worry not, Maximo fans! (Come on, speak up. There must be some of you.) Your favourite band is not dead! 'I'm not going solo – it's not like George Michael leaving Wham!,' Smith reassured us.

We think it's fair to say that even if Maximo Park were splitting up, this would still not be like George Michael leaving Wham!. In terms of, you know, significance.

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