REM don’t give a Buck about touring

The exciting news of a new REM album out has been blunted by the group’s reluctance to tour the record, reports NME.

Collapse Into Now came out on Monday (March 7), but guitarist Peter Buck has explained that the way albums sell these days and the group’s desire not to repeat themselves is making them think again about going on the road with the record.

‘We'll just see what happens,’ he told Beatweak. ‘But it does seem like we've toured a lot in the last eight or ten years. To some degree it felt like we'd just been doing kind of the same thing we did last time. You just don't really want to repeat yourself in that way.’

He added: ‘In this era in which albums don't tend to sell well regardless, the lack of touring isn't a concern. I'm not really sure that touring sells records. What sells records anymore? It seems like less and less people are buying albums, so do what you want.’

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