Richard Ashcroft storms off stage

Richard Ashcroft was forced to stop a live set in Australia at the weekend after just one song. Depending on which report you read, this was for very different reasons...

The former Verve frontman was playing at Sydney’s Splendour In The Park festival and an eyewitness report from the Morning Herald said he ‘stormed off stage’ after just one song: ‘he kicked over his mic stand and thew a tambourine at the drum kit, before walking out on an audience of several thousand’.

Ashcroft’s management were quick to apologise to the crowd saying that it was because the singer had ‘lost his voice’, but local newspaper The Herald Sun has a different reason for his short fuse. They’re suggesting that Mad-Richard wasn’t happy with his set being on at the same time as crowd-pleaser’s Pixies and local heroes Empire For The Sun.

Make up your own mind by watching the performance below...

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