Richard Ashcroft wows Union Chapel with acoustic set

Last Tuesday Richard Ashcroft braved the bracing conditions to perform at London’s Union Chapel.

The gig was in part an exclusive affair for Ashcroft fan club members, but the 90s music hero also rather kindly donated 50 tickets to both War Child and Oxfam for the one off event in Islington on 7th December. (Who the charities sent to the concert is unclear - we expect they’d have preferred the money.)

The set lasted an hour and a half and spanned his entire career, including hits ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’. Missing in action was ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’. Perhaps he’s sick of paying Mick Jagger and Co a stipend every time he plays it. Or perhaps he’s just sick of it like we were ten years ago.

On being asked for his post-gig reaction, the Wigan man called it, ‘A pleasure to play for a cool crowd near Christmas,’ and added that, ‘It felt great glad to see so many on this cold night.’

You can say what you want about him, but at least he's got good manners.

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