Rick Astley: MTV Best Act nomination is a 'wind up'

"A bit of a shock that one, a bit weird, a bit off the scale. It's very odd, very bizarre. But you know what, pop music is bizarre."

Bless Rick Astley, that was his reaction to being told of his nomination as Best Act Ever at the 2008 European Music Awards. The Merseyside born Wall Street hedge fund specialist has laughed off his nomination (alongside MTV behemouths like U2, Britney,Christina Aguilera etc) as a 'wind up' which someone somewhere is having a 'bit of a grin' at. "I never took it too seriously when I was doing it and I don't take this seriously either" said Rick sensibly.

Did he take RickRolling seriously though, the online sport which redirects unwitting users to a clip of Astley's 1987 hit, Never Gonna Give You Up'? Because it seems that the annoying but amusing internet time waster is at the heart of his newly reignited fame.

"Rick's fans have obviously decided that he deserves recognition as a pop icon and no doubt they are determined to make sure he wins on the night" MTV awards show producer Richard Godfrey told BBC. It would be great if all the other big silly warblers were kept off the top stop by little old Rick Astley. Lets hope he scoops it - then does a brilliant acceptance dance.

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