Rick Astley wins Best Act Ever at MTV Europe Music Awards

Rick Astley was crowned the Best Act Ever at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night in Liverpool. The ginger 80s warbler beat acts such as U2, Green Day and Tokio Hotel to scoop the gong.

This week has already shown the power of democracy and last night's events were no different with the Rickster winning the award thanks to votes from the public. With an estimated whopping 18m people having been Rickrolled at some point in the last few years the result wasn't that surprising.

But there is nothing more satisfying when Joe and Josephine Public speak their minds and give a two fingers to the overhyped and lame excuse to waste money that is the MTV Music Awards. Other talentless singers who no one actually cares about also won awards, but sadly Astley wasn't there to pick up his award.

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