Ricky Gervais threatens David Brent album and tour

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Ricky Gervais has claimed that there is "huge interest" in a David Brent music tour. Gervais has claimed to be reluctant to revive the character from The Office in the past, but may relent, especially as he claims there is a bidding war for the rights to a David Brent debut album.

A recent series of YouTube videos called Learn Guitar With David Brent, offered some tasters of Brent compositions like 'Spaceman Come Down' and 'Ain't No Trouble' and showcased his idiosyncratic performance style. He told Music Week that Brent "is spending all his hard-earned repping money on still trying to become a pop star."

According to the tabloids, Sony and Universal have offered six-figure recording contracts and Gervais confirms that he had received "ridiculous offers from major record deals all over the world for a David Brent album." It marks a roundabout career path for Gervais. Back in the early 80s his New Romantic band Seona Dancing was a dismal failure. Three decades of comedy success later and he's in massive demand.

"Where were these labels when I was trying to be a real popster? And starving," Gervais lamented, obviously several notches on the belt away from starving these days. Meanwhile he was crowdsourcing Twitter to find some venues for a few small shows. "What's the best little theatre in your town for David Brent to do an unplugged set of his songs followed by a Q&A?" he asked his followers. Just minutes later he claimed that followers had "just sorted out David Brent's first world tour".

Gervais's attempts at acting since The Office have confirmed the suspicions of many that Gervais wasn't really acting when he portrayed Brent, so it's only understandable that he wants to return to the character. The timing is perfect. The artist probably closest to Brent's vision and singing style, James Blunt, has just launched his own comeback.

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