Rihanna could be set for collaboration with Florence Welch

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Does Rihanna and Florence Welch singing their hearts out on the same song sound good to you? It certainly does to us and it seems like a collaboration is imminent after RiRi registered a new song citing Welch as a contributing artist.

Rihanna has put forward a song titled A Night which features one Florence Leontine Mary Welch as a writer. She is listed alongside fellow writers Christian Keyon Jr Boggs and Richard Epworth as well as Rihanna herself.

Rumours are circulating that it could mean that Rihanna has sampled one of Florence and the Machine's songs but that leaves the question of whether or not Welch's vocals will appear on the track. Fans were quick to point out the similarly titled Only If For A Night song from the band's 2011 Ceremonials album as a prime candidate for sampling.

Rihanna is currently hard at work trying to finish what will be her 8th studio album and her first since Unapologetic in 2012. Welch and the rest of the Machine band are also putting in some graft trying to get their 3rd album finished ahead of a 2015 release as a follow up to Ceremonials.

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