Rihanna for Glasto?

Before Jay-Zed headlined the Glastonbury Festival last year, the idea of a rapper having a prime-time slot on the prestigious Pyramid Stage was considered sacrilege in some camps (well actually, just Noely G's.) In the end the Jiggaman's performance was if not the highlight of the weekend, definitely the most talked about.

Now a whole clutch of rappers come R’n’B popsters want to follow in Mr Beyonce’s footsteps, including ‘Umberalla’ hit maker Rihanna: ‘I would love to be at Glastonbury’ she told a press conference at the Westfield Centre in Lodnon last night. ‘Even if I’m not headlining I’d love to be there. It's a great festival and a great platform for me to be on.’

Even if you’re not headlining? Little presumptuous don’t you think....

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