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Rihanna is one of the most popular music superstars in the world at the moment. She has released five albums to date but really shot to stardom when she released her third album 'Good Girl, Gone Bad' which became a huge hit after she released her single 'Umbrella'.

Since then Rihanna has gone from strength to strength, releasing two number 1 albums 'Rated R' in 2009 and 'Loud' in 2010. She has also made appearances on the final of X Factor last year.

Due to all this success Rihanna's live shows have become legendary and tickets for her concerts are highly sought after. Rihanna's world tour is going all through the year and she will arrive for her UK dates in Autumn.

Rihanna will be performing at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday October 5th and you can purchase tickets from stereoboard.com, prices range from £40 all the way up to £140 for a hot ticket seat.

The singer from Barbados will visit the LG Arena in Birmingham on November 18th and tickets for that show range from £40 to £140 for a hot ticket seat. These prices are also from stereoboard.com.

Rihanna also visits Belfast from September 29th to October 1st when she plays the Belfast Odyssey Arena and prices for tickets range from £85 up to £113 depending on which day you attend. All prices can be found on stereoboard.com.

Since a 16-year-old Rihanna arrived in the US to chase her dream of becoming a singer her star has risen steadily and these shows are not to be missed.

Good luck in finding Rihanna tickets events tickets.



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