Ring a Ting Tings

The intrepid two-some of Katy Price and Jules de Martino as the Ting Tings, creators of such dittys that got stuck in your head as 'Not my Name' and 'Great DJ' are set to make a blazing comeback this year, with Calvin Harris providing a remix for their new single 'Hands', NME reports.

Having spent time recording tracks for their forthcoming album 'Kunst' in Berlin, the pair believe that this next offering will be indicative of the entirely new direction of music that the two have taken, since the incredibly popular album 'We Started Nothing' was released:

'Our time in Berlin was a fresh start, with no rules again,' Jules, the drummer and main song-writer comments. 'When you've had an album that's been successful, the danger is you go back in the studio, look back and try and emulate it.'

The single 'Hands' will be available from 12 October on vinyl and as a digital download.

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