Ringo Starr autograph ban update

Bar cold blooded murder there isn’t a thing a Beatle could do that would make the world turn against him. Thanks to their hugely impressive stamp, not just on modern western music but on global pop culture, they are an untouchable force loved by billions.

So when sticksman Ringo Starr announced in 2008 via a cheaply made YouTube vid that he wouldn’t be signing any more autographs because he was ‘too busy’, most people thought, 'fair enough, he’s a legend we’ll let him.' However, last week he told Radio 2 last week that his decision wasn't born out of a celebrity strop but because he didn’t want people to sell his signature: ‘I was signing and then they were on eBay the next day. So I just decided, 'I think I've done my share. That's it. I honestly didn't think it was going to be world news – BBC and CNN’.

And Excite - we mentioned it! *quickly scans the 2008 no autograph story archive*

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