Ringo Starr claims Paul McCartney died and was replaced by doppelganger

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An old Beatles conspiracy theory reared its head once again this week after an interview with Ringo Starr emerged where he appeared to let slip that Paul McCartney died. Starr added that the singer was promptly replaced by a double in order to keep the band's momentum going.

In the interview, Ringo said "When Paul died, we all panicked! We didn’t know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears as a temporary solution." Worry not though all you McCartney fans, the interview is a spoof which was published on the World News Daily Report website.

The article plays on a very popular conspiracy theory that McCartney actually died back in 1966. Another faux Starr quote reads "It was supposed to last only a week or two, but time went by and nobody seemed to notice so we kept playing along. Billy turned out to be a pretty good musician and he was able to perform almost better than Paul."

Those on the ball music fans among you will be quick to note that Billy Shears is a character that pops up in the song Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. In a well thought out prank, Shears is actually a fictional musician which adds a nice symmetry to the whole farce.

Believe it or not, the theory is one of the more prominent one among Beatles conspiracy theories. Some people claim that a floral bass guitar on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is actually a veiled hint to fans of the tragic event while others ar convinced that MI5 were compelled to cover up his death to save millions of fans serious heartache.

World News Daily Report is well known for delivering some great spoof articles with other headlines today including "Meteorite Strikes Down Thief during Armed Robbery" and "L.A. Gang Member goes Blind after Tattooing own Eyeballs" offering a taste of the style of journalism in play.

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