Ringo still Starry-eyed over playing live

One of the only two remaining Beatles, Ringo Starr, has announced that his band will be kicking off a 28-date European tour on June 4th in Kiev, Ukraine music-news reports.

The legendary drummer told journalists at a press conference on Wednesday that it was an easy decision to take his All Starr Band on the road again. He said: ‘I toured with the same band in America last year. It's a great band, a lot of great musicians, great songs. We were approached, 'Would you like to do Europe?' So why not? I do it because that's what I do. This is still the dream unfolding from when I was 13.’

When asked by reporters if he’d ever asked fellow former Beatle Paul McCartney to join the All Starr Band, Starr joked: ‘I promise him two numbers like everybody else, and he seems to be busy at that time.’

Whilst Macca won’t be appearing onstage with him, the all starr cast will include keyboardist and vocalist Edgar Winter, ‘Dream Weaver’ singer Gary Wright, guitarist Rick Derringer, and Richard Page from the ‘80s group Mr.Mister.

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