Roadie dies at Will Young gig

A roadie working on a Will Young show died last night while setting up a gig after falling backstage. The man, who has remained unnamed and is in his 40s, is thought to have been electrocuted, before falling and suffering serious head and facial injuries.

It happened at about 5.40pm and delayed the start of the show, which was held at Rochester Castle in Kent. Young eventually went on stage at 9.15pm, but seemed unaware just how serious the incident was, as at the end of the gig he said; ‘Someone's had an accident tonight so let's give him a round of applause and hope he gets better.’

‘Rumours started spreading round that someone had died and eventually we asked one of the security guards what happened,’ said an attendee to The Sun. ‘He said one of the crew had been electrocuted. The event organisers even asked people in the audience to come forward and talk to police if they had seen anything, but they wouldn't say what it was.’

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