Robbie discovers yet another hidden talent

British pop star Robbie Williams has converted the garage of his Los Angeles home into an art studio upon discovering that he had a new found passion for painting, according to contactmusic.com.

Writing on his blog the Take That star explained to fans that he decided to test his creative skills during precious 'down time' from his extensive promotional work with the band. He writes: 'I know it's been ages since you have heard anything from me. I have been flying round the world on promo with the TT lads and loving it...amazing. In our down time...which hasn't been much, I found I really liked painting - of course I then had to turn my whole garage into 'art club' and got all my L.A mates into it too.'

Williams will choose his favourite images and put them on to t-shirts to sell to fans. He is already keen to share his artistic output; you can judge the quality of Robbie’s latest creations for yourself by perusing the pictures on his blog. I wonder if he will be asked to design the t-shirts for the band's upcoming Progress Live 2011 tour?

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