Robbie out?

Gary Barlow has quite literally shocked the world of pop to its very core by saying that he still views Take that as a four-piece band, despite Robbie Williams’ sensational return.

Barlow was speaking to Chris Evans on Radio 2 yesterday when he dropped the pop bombshell that he saw the future of the band as being only the four of them, which sounds an awful lot like Robbie’s being pre-emptively kicked out the band before they’ve even done their tour.

‘Even moving forward, I know we're back with Rob right now but I still see our future as a four-piece band,’ said Barlow. ‘We see Take That as a four-piece band in general.

‘Anyone who fancies a holiday can go next! Or we could go bigger, and get more members, look at Blazin’ Squad. When we came back in 2005 we had the conversation 'Can we do this as a four?'. Thanks to fans who bought the records, we proved we can.

‘We're all in a fantastic place, we're very happy. Bands are difficult, it involves a number of people getting on and feeling a part of it. We're in a great place with this album. Everyone has been involved in every corner of it. We're excited for the tour.’

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