Robbie Williams makes inappropriate comment to 15-year-old fan

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Former member of boyband Take That, Robbie Williams has made headlines once again. Currently on his Let Me Entertain You tour in Australia, his Saturday gig in Brisband made him blush as he made an inappropriate comment.

Known for being flirtatious with his fans, Williams picks one fan in the front, Morgan, and says, “I love that look. I love the look with the glasses, and the hair, it’s like a secretary look.” He jokes that this look reminds him he needs to “clean up” his computer’s browsing history before his wife Ayda [Field] sees it.

The 41-year old then finds out that the fan is celebrating her birthday and goes on to ask how old she is turning to which she replies 15, an answer that makes the English singer turn bright red. He replies by saying, “Oh s***! How do you dig yourself out of that one?”

To rub salt into the wound, Williams finds out that Morgan is there with her mother. Williams addresses the mother and says, “How are you doing? Uncle Rob here.” He jokingly warns the fans not to put this on YouTube as it will spread to the newspapers and then could lead to him being arrested.

He quickly transitions into a song and dedicates “She’s the One” to Morgan but changes the lyrics to, “She was younger than me”. Williams' 11th concert tour will come to a close on November 3 at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

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