Robbie Williams officially rejoins Take That

So the rumours are true. As if we didn’t already know that Robbie Williams was rejoining Take That, the band confirmed it today, starting a media avalanche that will culminate in them smashing the charts to pieces and touring the world. Just like old times. So get buying some new knickers girls, because you’re gonna need them to chuck on the stage.

‘The rumours are true... Take That: the original lineup, have written and recorded a new album for release later this year,’ said the band in a statement. ‘Following months of speculation Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams confirmed they have been recording a new studio album as a five-piece, which they will release in November.

‘It is the first time they've recorded a full album together since the release of their number one album Nobody Else back in 1995.’

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