Robbie's battle

As pre-tour publicity go, the news that Robbie Williams suffers from stage fright and desperately wants to overcome it could be read as a cynical ploy to garner sympathy for the slightly washed up singer.

May 27 is a date all self-respecting Take That fans will have marked in their diaries as the start of the band's 36-date sold out Progress tour. But as band rehearsals enter their final stages it emerges that poor old Robbie (who in his hay day loved an audience) has got rather scared of performing to crowds.

Apparently, it's something he's experienced for some time. "I get tremendous stage fright that's getting in the way of me enjoying it," he told The Mirror.

'It's terrifying. I want to find a way around it. I will do. And it gets stronger as you get older and it scared me – really scared me.'

Fortunately help is at hand for our Rob, as band mate Jason Orange is himself a sufferer. He revealed that that they both relax each other by doing deep-breathing exercises before they go on stage.

'Rob and I will help each other out. We share a lot of things and stage fright is one of them,' Orange said.

We think the first two letters of the word 'progress' tells you what this story is really about.

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