Robin Gibb commemorates Titanic

With stricken liners back in the news, it emerges that Robin Gibb’s latest project will be a classical requiem to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. It will be one of the first major artistic works in a year full of Titanic projects.

The requiem is Gibb’s first venture into the classical genre, and has been composed in collaboration with the Bee Gee’s son RJ. It will be premiered in London on 10 April by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, on the anniversary of the Titanic’s triumphant departure from Southampton in 1912.

"It's not a rock opera – it's done very traditionally, like Mozart would compose it in the 1700s," Gibb said. The multimedia premiere will also feature a hologram show recreating the Titanic’s fatal encounter with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Other artists involved include the tenor Mario Frangolis and 14-year-old singer Isabel Suckling.

Gibb is currently in remission from liver cancer, and concentrating on the new work. His son told The Guardian, "He's staying the course with his treatment and being able to work again. He seems to be a bit more animated and that's the best thing – to keep working and to keep focused on the future. If possible he'll be singing one of the songs on-stage at the premiere."

He added that the audience should not expect a Lloyd-Webber-style stage musical. "We respect Andrew very much, he's a very good friend, but this requiem is more in the baroque style, the classical style, the Romantic-era style," He and Robin were also working on a memorial to the first world war.

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