Rocking hell

Outraged Indian Heavy Metal fans have caused a humungous scene (read: complained a bit) about the announcement of the Backstreet Boys as the headline act – ahead of Iron Maiden, no less – for the upcoming Rock In India Festival. The festival was once the premier (read: only) alternative musical festival in the whole country, and when it opened in 2008 Megadeth and Machine Head headlined. Those days are long gone.

This year’s line-up, which has garnered a huge amount of criticism from Indians with good taste in mutha-luvvin’ RAWK, also includes noted decibel trouble Richard Marx. They tried to defend their policy of signing more mainstream acts, with little success.

‘There has been a long-standing request from many music fans to our website that they would like to see mainstream music and also classic rock,’ claimed the organisers. ‘Rock In India is a 'music' festival and the headliners have already been announced.

‘Rock In India does not mean the 'genre' rock only. Being a fan, you have right to an opinion. Being a promoter, no artist is big or small to us. All artists are respected equally and not looked down upon just because they are a pop artist! We respect their music!’

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