Rocky 'Road'

Do you ever wish that once they split up, The Beatles had all just been put into cryogenic storage to be enjoyed by future generations or something? Then John and George wouldn't have died, and Paul wouldn't have been able to sully their memory with dreadful 80's synth-rock versions of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' and.... this.

Paul McCartney is being honoured tomorrow at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, an annual honour previously bestowed on the likes of Bob Dylan and Elton John. So Paul could have sung a few of his solo tracks, and maybe chucked in one Beatles track to get us all smiling. Or he could have hand-picked a young, sweet-voiced singer to sing a few Beatles tracks to show how they're as relevant and fresh as ever.

Or he could just grab his rolodex and ring a random rocker friend. Guess which happened? So, tomorrow night, the crowd of cultural luminaries and cognoscenti at the Kennedy Center, gathered to celebrate the best of the American cultural tradition, will hear four songs from Abbey Road sung by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

Good grief. 'I got called up by Paul McCartney and he asked me to sing the last four songs of Abbey Road so I said 'Umm OK.' (I'm) doing it,' Tyler helpfully explains. One can only hope for a tragic backstage accident involving a silver hammer coming down on his head...

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