Rolf Rascal

Artist, musician and all-round renaissance man Rolf Harris could be teaming up with Dizzee Rascal and the Chemical Brothers next year, after he claimed that both acts had recently made it clear that they would like to record with him. Whether this means we’ll be seeing Rasket chucking down some rhymes over the sound of a wobbling piece of metal or not remains to be seen, but he's apparently keen to have Rolf’s trademark weird noises on one of his tracks.

‘I had Dizzee Rascal saying he would love to work with me doing all my weird sound effects,’ said the 79-year-old Aussie, who kept 80s children happy with the legendary Rolf’s Cartoon Club. ‘The Chemical Brothers have agreed to collaborate with me on some songs but we've never got the time to do it.

‘The nice thing about working with new bands is that it keeps you feeling young.’ You’re still old Rolf, don’t worry about that.

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