Roll up! Roll up! Free festival tickets!

Stuff the World Cup, the UK festival season is about to kick off big style and if you’re not going to one of the majors then you’re a loser, a big fat loser with no friends....

While all the talk this year has been about the 40th Anniversary spectacular of Glastonbury, unfortunately if you haven’t got a ticket with a photo of you on it yet then you’ll have more chance of headlining the event than being a normal punter - that is unless you do some volunteer work.

Glastonbury Festival (Gorillaz, Muse, Stevie Wonder), Isle Of Wight Festival (Jay-z, The Srokes, Paul McCartney), Leeds Festival (Arcade Fire, Guns n Roses, Blink 182), Rockness (The Strokes, Fatboy Slim, Leftfield), Womad (Rolf Harris) are offering weekend passes for those who can do three eight hour shifts at the festivals. Fancy it? Thought so. Well, head over to Oxfam.org.uk/festivals. to register.

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