Rolling Stones tour in doubt

The Rolling Stones last tour raked in a mouth watering £344m. So with rumours whizzing around that they’re near match fitness and set to do it all again later this year, you’d think there can’t possibly be a weighty argument against it.

According to some gossip tittle-tattle in The Mirror, any chance of an upcoming Stones tour is in doubt because Mick Jagger is peeved off with comments that Keith Richard’s made about him in his autobiography. In the book ‘Life’ Queef has a pop at Sir Mick’s manhood saying that it’s a little underwhelming, and naturally Mick’s not best pleased.

Don’t panic if you don’t believe us, there’s one of those ‘sources’ to back-up the bickering: ‘Mick read Keith's book before publication and didn't have any great problem with it. It was the fact that it was all dredged up in the interview afterwards that really upset him. Many believe this is the real reason why talks in relation to the tour have broken down.’

We shall see.

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