Rolling Stones will play live in 2013

The Rolling Stones will be playing live dates to mark their 50th anniversary in 2013. Keith Richards let slip that venues had been booked, although he quickly clammed up about the details.

Talking to Q magazine, Richards said: "We've got some shows in London, I believe, and in New York, but I really can't talk about any of that at the moment. They've put the gag on me on this. You can hint!"

Although Mick Jagger had suggested that the Stones might be playing live in 2012, various rumours had been dismissed. The band turned down an opportunity to play at the Olympics opening ceremony and also denied that they planned to perform at Glastonbury in 2013.

The members have been rehearsing and Richards said that they were enjoying the process. "Everybody relies upon their instincts, especially once you start working regularly together again," he said. "Because it pulls all the bits and pieces together, which when you're not working and playing with the guys, dissipates, obviously. But kind of after two days of hanging around with the guys again, a certain demon energy takes over and you wonder where it's coming from!"

To mark the anniversary the Stones release yet another greatest hits compilation, entitled GRRR!. Fans will have to buy it in order to hear two brand new tracks recorded in Paris in September. 'Gloom And Doom' and 'One Last Shot' are the first new material from the Stones in seven years, since the release of their poorly-received 2005 album A Bigger Bang.

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