Ronnie Wood gets hitched.

Perennial rock star Ronnie Wood celebrated his third marriage in low key showbiz style with an intimate circle of close friends from across the years – and possibly a gargantuan pile of little blue pills.

The Rolling Stone guitarist who joined the legendary band in 1976 – before his blushing bride was born - got hitched at a ‘secret’ ceremony at London’s swanky Dorchester Hotel. The 65 year old married 34 year-old theatre producer Sally Humphreys and declared ‘I’m feeling great’ before necking some Red Bull and definitely not falling asleep.

“It was excellent, so great. Brilliant,” he went on to say through a cloud of cigarette smoke

The couple have known each other for nine years and been in a relationship since earlier this year. In true Victorian style, Ron apparently asked her father for his blessing at the premiere of the Rolling Stones documentary ‘Crossfire Hurricane’.

Among the guests were best man Rod Stewart, Paul ‘Slightly Creepy National Institution’ McCartney, a pregnant Fearne Cotton (who’s ex boyfriend is behind bars on child sex charges) and Ron’s children. Sally’s musician parents Alison, 63, and Colin, 66, also joined the 50-strong wedding party in the penthouse suite – a truly intimate little knees up, though we shudder at the size of the minibar bill.

Keith Richards and old Hot Lips, Mick Jagger were notable by their absence, and naturally there has been gossip surrounding the age difference. Wood is no Bill Wyman (who dated Mandy Smith from the age of 13) and with Sally being 34, those ready to swoop in and tut ought probably to hunt down some semblance of a life for themselves.

Wood, who has long struggled with drink and drugs, split up with second wife Jo in 2008. Having left his wife of more than 2 decades for a 21 year old waitress, she took revenge by auctioning off whatever he had left behind.

The band recently played a string of concerts marking 50 years since their first gig.

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