Royal wedding album

You’ll soon be able to relive the moment Prince Wills and Kate Middleton tied the knot with an audio album of the wedding service set to be released.

There’s been a lot of talk of ‘cashing-in’ over the couple’s forthcoming nuptials, with the Middletons coming in for more than their fair share of stick. But with The Royal Wedding: The Official Album, the Windsors will certainly give the family Middleton’s scratchcard idea a run for its, er, money, recorded at the Westminster Abbey ceremony on April 29 and somehow released that very day.

Wedding performers will include The Chapel Royal Choir, the London Chamber Orchestra and the Fanfare Team From The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force, according to reports in The Sun.

The impending nuptials will be released as a download, as well as being avaible on CD and, in an attempt to be down with both hipsters and old people, that distinctly retro format known as the cassette!

The album will be released on Decca Records, which also did audio versions of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding and Diana's funeral. Great gig to have Decca!

We think the Royal Wedding condoms are really where it’s at.

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