Royal wedding goes Pete Tong?

Pete Tong has said that he’d love to get a shot at DJing the royal wedding later this month.

The veteran DJ and producer, who this week marks 20 years at Radio 1, played up his chances at being offered the royal gig. The Ibiza icon told Digital Spy:

‘I would definitely do that one, without a question. Obviously it would be a complete honour and a one-off and I like doing things like that.

‘I was fortunate enough to meet Prince William at Radio 1's Big Weekend last year and rather than just a handshake - one of those nods of just ticking a box and saying I've met him - he wanted to engage in a real, proper music conversation.

‘He'd been to Ibiza, he knew about Ibiza, and he told me what he liked and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about it. He seemed genuinely excited to meet me, which sounds bloody stupid!’

Better get a shirt ironed Pete – just in case it actually happens.

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