Rupert Murdoch wants to sell you tickets

There are very few places that media mogul Robert Murdoch hasn’t managed to extend his influence. Whether it’s becoming a very important figure in British politics via The Sun and The Times, or through his myriad news networks elsewhere in the world (including the poisonous Fox News in the United States), the man sure knows where to poke his nose.

However, up until now he’d kept his hands off our lovely live music business by setting up a ticket-buying service in Australia called Foxtix, thereby entering an industry that already had more than enough gougers and hustlers thank you very much. His plan is to oust current top ticket dogs Ticketek and Ticketmaster from their perches: but how?

‘Compared to Ticketek, and Ticketmaster, Foxtix will give venues and promoters more control of the ticketing of their event and more buyer data - at a lower cost,’ said Adam McArthur, Foxtix general manager. ‘Foxtix will also be giving consumers lower booking and transaction fees on their tickets.’

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