Sad times

Like most pop stars, Lily Allen doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it, with that good thing being: famous, earning lots of money and not having to work in a biscuit factory for minimum wage, or in a field picking fruit, stuck in a foreign land and sending your meagre salary back home to your even poorer family. Yes, being a pop star is a good thing, and anyone complaining about it needs a slap.

Right, now that we’ve given her the most cynical guilt trip imaginable, we’re going to tell you what Lily Allen has said about being a pop star, safe in the knowledge that she will see the quotes in the light. You see how the media works? The ‘Not Fair’ star has said that being a pop star made her ‘sad’, and that the negatives outweigh the positives. Doesn't it make you groan?

‘I feel like a naughty kid that's just dropped out of school,' she said to Grazia. 'People think it's amazing being a popstar, but for all the good things that happen, you end up getting burnt, sad and losing a sense of who you are. I want to do something I love with real value, that will work with me having kids.

‘Of course I want to get married, but having a baby with someone is way more important, and we're both really excited. I can't say this whole thing isn't terrifying because I'm taking a massive risk. I'm turning away from something successful and focusing on Sam, my baby and my business. But that's what I want.’

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