Scared of the future

Hey kids! Remember how pop music used to be all about creating new sounds, innovating and generally pushing the boundaries of what good be done within the confines of three-and-a-half minutes? Well don’t listen to Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner then, who is apparently hoping for yet another boys-with-guitars band to ‘turn the charts upside down’.

Why? Why oh why oh why oh why is the indie scene so utterly retrograde that it won’t accept any sort of innovation, any sort of flamboyance, anything that isn’t big-haired, skinny-jeaned posh boys with brand new fenders aping a blueprint set in the 1960s? Well?

‘Everyone thinks that the next big thing has got to sound really modern and new, but to get something that sounds fresh, it can just be three kids with guitars and not a lot else,’ he said, cursing the future. ‘There's enough username-and-password music already, know what I mean? I hope it does happen again, though.

‘Because we’ll never get that initial naivety back. You can't, like, fake that thing, like what's on the first record. It's just a time and a place… but yeah, I'd love for a band to come through and turn the charts upside down for a couple of weeks.’

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