Scissor Sisters ‘Fire With Fire’

It’s been six years since the Scissor Sisters released their award winning and multi-selling (biggest album of 2004) self titled debut album, so whenever they release something new it rightly causes a little bit of a buzz.

‘Fire With Fire’ is the first single and opening track on the 3rd long-player ‘Night Work’ and is without doubt the catchiest oral pleasure they’ve recorded and released to date. (Listen to it here). Having previously been aided in the song writing department by the likes of Elton John and Paul Williams (he wrote the awesome Bugsy Malone soundtrack) the camped up New Yorkers have chosen to work with behind the scenes composers this time which results in an almost poptastic indie Killers meets Robbie Williams effort. Well - as indie as the Scissor Sisters could ever get.

'Night Work' is released in the 28th June and 'Fire With Fire' on the 20th June.

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