Scottish Granny gets 3 years’ probation for illegal filesharing

Just a month after Spotify halved their free listening allowance, a court case surrounding illegal music downloading has gained much publicity- instilling fear in the hearts of downloaders everywhere.

She may not be the typical image of an illegal serial downloader, but 58-year-old Scottish granny of 8 Ann Muir was sentenced to three years probation earlier this week after admitting she had illegally downloaded an astonishing £54,000 worth of music.

According to the NME, Muir was arrested by Strathclyde police after they searched the poor dear’s house and found an incredible 7,493 digital music files and 24,243 karaoke files nestled amongst her computer equipment. It’s doubtful as to whether she managed to get through them all before the police broke up the party.

The British Phonographic Industry have welcomed the verdict, stating they were pleased that ‘the court has recognised that illegal filesharing on a massive scale is a serious matter and has imposed a sentence aimed at preventing such behaviour in future.’

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