Screaming and Shouting between Will I Am and Tulisa

The fists continue to fly across the Atlantic between the Britney / Will I Am camp and the Tulisa camp. The controversy surrounds hit single ‘Scream and Shout’ that is currently riding high in the charts. If anyone is wondering why Britney sounds like a pantomime fishwife in the song as she rolls out an English accent that is trying to sound both sultry and sophisticated, it is because the original vocals were laid down by Tulisa.

The production team who wrote the instrumental (yes shock horror – people you’ve never heard of write the actual music in pop) seem to have handed it over to Tulisa with all the goodwill in the world. But somewhere along the line, Will I Am heard it and applied pressure to Jean Baptiste – one of the producers to get hold of the track for his own purposes. Baptiste is something of a protégé of Mr I Am so the winner of the power struggle was a foregone conclusion.

Tulisa has been yelling blue murder about being gazumped by Britney in time honoured tradition – through a selection of ‘unamed sources’. She clearly feels that having the tune snatched away when she had already written her vocal parts and got into the studio was dastardly chicanery of the highest order. And Will I Am has now hit back.

While admitting that she had indeed written to the beat before him or Britney – he claimed cuttingly that the production team, Lazy Jay hadn’t wanted her to have it – an implied dig at her credentials and her talent. He claims that he merely honoured their wishes.

The problem with that logic though is that it doesn’t really explain why Britney has gone all Shoreditch in the accent department. Surely if Tulisa was so wrong for the part, the English accent should have been a goner too? But perhaps this is merely part of the TV talent show rivalry between X Factor and The Voice?

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