Script concert dates 2011 - Get ready to rock!

As the new Irish indie sensations return to Europe, the Script concert dates 2011 have been announced after rumours circulated about the pop rock band returning to Ireland and the UK after a long tour across the US, trying to break America. Having done so successfully, they now return to their native shores with stardom and fame trailing behind them, fresh off their previous tour.

After capturing our nation's hearts when they released their self titled album in 2009, with such hits as "Break Even", "Together We Cry" and "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", they are an unmissable, highly acclaimed act and have millions of eager European fans who have anxiously waited and eagerly anticipated their much overdue return to their native shores.

Album reviews have awarded the band an incredible and unbeatable 5 stars, and their live shows have reduced men, women and children alike to tears. Make sure you do not let them leave Europe without visiting at least one of their shows! For those not familiar with them, one magazine describes their music as "powerfully emotive, and clever lyrics reveal more about the band then anything else."

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Dates this year include:

July 14, Thetford Forest, Brandon.

July 17, Brighton Centre.

BrightonV Festival 2011, Chelmsford.

August 20, Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

And with countless festival and independent dates rumoured, it is obvious that the Script are ready to rock a dynamic new tour in various locations across Europe. Do not let this incredible band leave without showing your face at least at one of the Script concert dates in 2011!

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