Sell out?

If you caught the riveting England Vs Egypt friendly football match last night, apart from boring your socks off at the sight of seeing some millionaires kick a pig’s bladder on turf, you would have seen the Citroen car advert during commercial breaks. The moment the advert came on our telly boxes Twitter was awash with ‘WTF’ comments because it featured the late John Lennon promoting the new Citroen DS3.

Proving that Twitter isn’t just a time wasting tool, Lennon’s son Sean Lennon was quick to reply to the criticism with the tweet: ‘we did not do it for money. Look, TV ad was not for money. It's just hard to find new ways to keep dad in the new world. Not many things as effective as TV.'

Is this what John Lennon would have wanted? Judge for yourself...

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