Carl Barat has talked for the first time in public about the upcoming Libertines reunion, explaining why he finally agreed to get back together with his writing partner Pete Doherty after years of giving him a big fat no. It seems that good old fashioned luck is what done it this time for the band, catching Barat in the right mood, in the right place, at the right time. If only they’d known eh?

‘I'd already said no to it quite a few times,’ said Barat in an interview with The Observer. ‘This time it just felt right. There seems to have been enough water under the bridge. I hope. But it's the nature of any relationship that's that productive – there's always some destructive element in there.

‘I was at the British Library (when he got the call about reforming the band). I was pottering around, looking for the John Lennon lyrics but they seemed to have moved them, so I found myself looking at old, vellum-y Bibles. The futility and bleakness of monuments against the sands of time! That was in my face! So I thought I'd better get the show back on the road.

‘If I'd have been watching Gossip Girl it would have been a lot less romantic wouldn't it? But as it turned out, it just felt like serendipity.’

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