Seriously, WTF?

If you've heard about this already, then fine, but we couldn't let the news of this appalling new act that have been burped from the orifices of Take That svengali Nigel Martin-Smith. Yes, it's As Bro, possibly the most ridiculously monikered band in history.

Scouring northern estates for 'streetwise' lads to put in his Lidl version of Blazing Squad, Martin-Smith put out a press release to the papers and took a time machine back to 1995 when putting out boyband after boyband was a guarantee of raking in a few quid, before ditching the performers and not paying them anything.

'I haven’t put together a boyband since Take That and I believe there is a huge opening for one that is relevant to today, not just one that sings big, slushy love ballads.' So you give them a daft pun name and expect them to be taken seriously? Righto.

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