She got moves

We recently reported that Cheryl Cole had signed a £6million US record deal with Universal, a move which will bring her even more fame and fortune, as though she didn’t have enough already. And it seems that our girl Chezza has Stateside success well within her grasp, or at least if you believe Usher she does.

The R&B superstar said that she’s got what it takes to be a star in the USA, and has even hinted that he wouldn’t mind having her perform with him in London when he tours next year. He also managed to slide in an embarrassing cultural reference as well. Can anything go wrong for Cole these days?

‘Cheryl is so pretty,’ he said. ‘I spent a little time with her in England last month at X Factor. I'm sure she's gonna make it in the States. She's got it going on.

‘I want her on stage for sure. It will be really nice, if she has time; she got moves. Afterwards maybe we can have a roast dinner, or we'll get Newcastle Brown Ale. That's what you guys like, right?’

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