Shed Seven plan new material?

Ah Britpop, the halcyon days of our youth, when we all looked like complete scrotums in our Reebok classics, dopey middle parting haircuts and various other fashion faux pas that we’d rather forget about. It was so much cooler then , with the likes of Supergrass, Menswear and um, Shed Seven about, right? Oh.

Anyway, those of you who are currently reliving the glory days of the mid-90s by going to Shed’s 20th anniversary gigs might or might not be delighted to hear that the Yorkshire plodders could be recording new material. Crivens.

‘We've had discussions,’ said lead singer Rick Witter to 6 Music, who for some reason are covering the nostalgia fest. ‘The thing is, when we're rehearsing to do these gigs, we find ourselves jamming and I'll throw in a few lyric ideas and get a few melodies going but we haven't taken it past that stage yet.

‘We don't know what to do, we're up in the air really. Yes, if we decide, then we'll do it really seriously and try our hardest to write maybe five or six songs, maybe stick them on iTunes and promote them ourselves.

‘But the thought of finding a record deal and being in France next week is just gone for us. We're too long in the tooth.’

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