She’s back in black

Amy Winehouse played her first gig in two years on Tuesday, and can you guess where? Oh you can, yes; the Hawley Arms boozer in Camden.

The Rehab whiner has been a regular patron in the north London pub and took to the stage as part of their monthly charity evening. According to BBC News, Housewine played a neat little 6-song-set including a cover of The Specials' classic ‘A Message To You Rudy’ and some new tunes.

Izzy Lawrence, who orgainsed the evening, described the new material as; ‘quite upbeat, quite funky, very soulful. I think this is going to be massive. If those songs are going to be on the new album, it's going to be huge.’

Amy wasn’t due to perform but after she asked, how could they say no no no?

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