Shirtless Justin Bieber confronts DJ and punches manager

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Justin Bieber’s increasingly desperate bid to be seen as ‘wild and crazy’ took a fresh turn this weekend as he harangued DJ Michael Wood and then punched his tour manager. Bieber, who is about as convincing a ‘bad boy’ as Miley Cyrus is ‘a sexy sassy independent woman’ had apparently jumped on to the stage in Seoul, South Korea where Woods was banging out some big room progressive house. Bieber, who was not wearing a shirt reportedly started shouting at Woods and demanding that he play some hip hop. Woods, very naturally explained that he could store his request in an unspecified orifice, at which point, things took a decidedly ridiculous turn.

As Woods later said on Facebook of the incident. ‘The story is Justin Bieber and his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth halfway through my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop. So when I told him to f**k off and put some clothes on, he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and instantly fled behind a wall of even more of his security.”

There are clear parallels with a 2009 incident where Paris Hilton ordered Steve Angello to play some hip hop during his Miami Winter Music Conference set (this must have been before she decided to make it as an EDM queen) . As Angello later said “For someone who claims to make records…don’t come into a booth and ask me to play hip-hop and then have your doorman slap me,” .

Woods obviously was unequivocal in his response to the silly little boy, but unfortunately, Bieber got his wish with the next set as someone started actually playing some hip hop. A progressive set followed by a hip hop set?? Makes you wonder what kind of a night this was?? Or if the club manager had been arm twisted into putting a hip hop DJ on instead of the planned slot. Unbelievably some news networks are reporting that Bieber himself DJ'd when in fact he just stood next to the next DJ looking like a 'tool'. Either way – another utterly pathetic incident with some amusement value for those laughing at Bieber rather than with Bieber has joined the already swollen ranks of his folly. Let’s hope someone jumps on one of his stages soon and demands anything but him


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