Shore sounds bad

You may or may not have been keeping up with the car crash that was Jersey Shore, a show that did for the Italian-American what The Black And White Minstrel Show did for immigrants from the commonwealth. If you recall it caused absolute outrage among important Italian American groups, with the National Italian American Foundation calling it a ‘disgrace’. Obviously MTV UK picked it up straight away, stomping all over the grave of Christopher Columbus (AKA Cristoforo Colombo) in the process.

Anyway, one of the grotesque caricatures from the show, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, is about to step into the music with his imaginatively-titled track ‘The Situation’. Amazingly he’s managed to rope in Fatman Scoop, DJ Class and the Disco Fries (who?) into helping him, and you can hear a snippet of the results below. God help us all if this becomes successful.

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