Shuttleworth (feat. Mark E. Smith) ‘England's Heartbeat’

They were John Peel’s favourite band of all time and arguably the most important British band since The Sex Pistols. No, we’re not talking about The Smiths, Radiohead or even The Spice Girls, but Mancunian punk rockers The Fall. The Fall have churned out endless songs (28 albums and counting) in their 30 year history, but although they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (you either get it or you don’t) they’re still going strong.

The Fall aren't adverse to releasing the odd England World Cup ditty; they had a mild hit with Sparta FC way back when and now they’re having another pop at it with ‘England’s Heartbeat’. Well, to be precise, lead singer and volatile genius Mark E. Smith is. As one over excited YouTuber said: ‘forget the world cup, this would clean up at Eurovision’.

The next time you need to kill a couple of hours then take a wander over to YouTube and search for interviews with Mark E. Smith. To say he’s one of the most awkward interviewees ever invented would be an understatement. Imagine if Morrissey didn’t have a heart and you’re nearly in the same ball park. As on YouTuber puts it: ‘God, Mark E Smith is one massive t**t...and by God do we love him for it.’

Have a listen to 'England's Heartbeat' below...

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