Shy Sheeran avoids groupies

Baby-faced ginger-haired singer Ed Sheeran has been burnishing his credentials as the pop star that most parents approve of. Smiling cherubically and thinking of his fanatical adolescent fanbase, he said there is no way he would sleep with a groupie.

Talking to prurient blogger Perez Hilton, Sheeran said "I've always been in long term relationships for the whole of my life, so no." He then rather contradicted himself by admitting that he was presently unattached.

"Not so much now because I'm kind of away, but we're not in any place long enough to do that, we leave after every gig. One day, one day. I think when I get a little bit older and settle into it a bit more, but I'm a newbie on the scene, I don't want to mess it up yet."

Sheeran fans are also a little slow to commit. Recent figures show he is the most streamed artist of 2012, suggesting a degree of curiosity about what he sounds like that doesn’t always lead to a full-time relationship with his music.

That may change with his new material, which bolsters up his inoffensive mainstream chart-pop with radical, ground-breaking contributions from . . . oh, wait, no, it seems he’s been collaborating with workaday warblers Snow Patrol.

"I've been writing a lot with the Snow Patrol boys as well," Sheeran said, without going into details of what he takes to stay awake during the sessions. "I knew them before so yeah, I was kind of friends with them, but I've written a song with them."

The world waits in awestruck impatience to hear the results.

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